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👨‍💻 MilesOSS Dev Tools

I got tired of duplicating dev tool configuration files over and over again between projects, so I built Beemo and subsequently this repository to house them. The following tools are pre-configured:

  • Babel
    • Configured with env, react, and typescript presets.
    • Builds both CommonJS (cjs) and ECMAScript modules (esm).
    • Builds using the Babel runtime.
    • Cleans the target folder automatically.
    • Supports a Node.js specific configuration.
  • ESLint
    • Configured with import, jest, react, jsx-a11y, typescript, promise, and unicorn plugins.
    • Extends the airbnb configuration preset.
    • Provides a default .eslintignore.
  • Jest
    • Provides built-in code coverage thresholds.
  • Prettier
    • Configured to closely align with the Airbnb style guide.
    • Provides a default .prettierignore.
  • TypeScript
    • Configured to build ESM compatible files.
    • Strict typing enabled.
  • Templates that can be scaffolded into each project.
  • Full TypeScript support out of the box.
  • Integrated workspaces (monorepo) support.
  • And much more!


yarn add @milesj/build-tools --dev

To compile Babel with its runtime, add the dependency per package.

yarn add @babel/runtime

Finally, add the following Beemo configuration to the root package.json.

  "beemo": {
    "module": "@milesj/build-tools",
    "drivers": ["babel", "eslint", "jest", "prettier", "typescript"]

Init Project

To make use of the tools and to define default settings, we need to configure our package.json. To do this, run the following command in the project root.

yarn beemo run-script init

The following options are available:

  • --local (bool) - Project should use local configuration files.
  • --node (bool) - Project targets Node.js and not the browser.
  • --react (bool) - Project uses React.
  • --workspaces (bool) - Project is a monorepo and uses Yarn workspaces.

Sync Dotfiles

Some tools require dotfiles to be local to the project, which sucks. To get around this, we can easily scaffold them to each project, by running the following command in the project root.

yarn beemo scaffold project dotfiles

Lerna Support

Some projects require Lerna to manage multiple packages within the same repository -- a monorepo. Lerna isn't available out of the box as the dependency is quite large, most projects don't need it, and it's just too complicated to get working correctly.

So to support Lerna, please follow these instructions per project.

yarn add lerna --dev

Run the init script with the workspaces flag.

yarn beemo run-script init --workspaces

And remaining setup, like converting old Yarn scripts, or moving files to package folders. That should be it.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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