A btn for use with Tachyons


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DEMO and usage

A .btn class for use with Tachyons.

Even though Tachyons' strictly functional style is great I always find myself re-adding some kind of base button to every project. This is it.


Put this in your html before you include Tachyons.

<link rel='stylesheet' href='https://unpkg.com/@mikker/btn@latest/css/btn.css' />

Or add it directly to your project:

npm install @mikker/btn
# or
yarn add @mikker/btn

Then using postcss or however you'd like

@import '~tachyons';

@import '~btn';
/* or if you want to customize variables */
@import '~btn/src/btn';

NB: Be sure to include btn.css before `tachyons.css.



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