This simple loader wraps the loading of CSS in script equivalent to `require('load-themed-styles').loadStyles( /* css text */ )`. It is designed to be a replacement for style-loader.


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npm install @microsoft/loader-load-themed-styles --save-dev


This simple Webpack loader that wraps the loading of CSS in script equivalent to require("load-themed-styles").loadStyles( /* css text */ ). It is designed to be a replacement for style-loader.


Documentation: Using loaders

This loader is designed to be used in conjunction with css-loader.

var css = require("@microsoft/loader-load-themed-styles!css!./file.css");
// => returns css code from file.css, uses load-themed-styles to load the CSS on the page.

Example config

        use: [
            loader: "@microsoft/loader-load-themed-styles",  // creates style nodes from JS strings
            options: {
              namedExport: 'default',
              async: false
            loader: "css-loader", // translates CSS into CommonJS
            options: {
              modules: true,
              importLoaders: 2,
              localIdentName: '[name]_[local]_[hash:base64:5]',
              minimize: false
            loader: 'postcss-loader',
            options: {
              plugins: function () {
                return [
            loader: "sass-loader",


namedExport (string, defaults to undefined)

By default, css modules will be exported as a commonjs export:

module.exports = { ... };

To override this, you may provide a named export to export to a specifically named thing. This is useful in exporting as the default in es6 module import scenarios. For example, providing "default" for the named export will output this:

module.exports.default = { ... };

async (boolean, defaults to false)

By default, @microsoft/load-themed-styles loads styles synchronously. This can have adverse performance effects if many styles are loaded in quick succession. If the async option is set to true, the loadStyles function is called with the second parameter set to true, directing the function to debounce style loading causing fewer changes to the DOM.


@microsoft/loader-load-themed-styles is part of the Rush Stack family of projects.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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