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FAST Development site React

FAST Development site React has been deprecated.

A boilerplate development site that can be used to show a library of React components. All necessary navigational elements and routing will be generated to provide a full site for the documentation and testing of components.


npm i --save @microsoft/fast-development-site-react


import React from "react";
import ReactDOM from "react-dom";
import Site, { SiteCategory, SiteCategoryItem } from "@microsoft/fast-development-site-react";

const root = document.createElement("div");
root.setAttribute("id", "root");

function render(): void {
            <SiteTitle slot={"title"}>
                <SiteTitleBrand>FAST</SiteTitleBrand> Documentation
                <SiteCategoryDocumentation slot={"canvas-detail-view-documentation"}>
                        Hello world
                    designSystem={{ltr: this.state.direction}}
                    designSystem={{ltr: this.state.direction}}



You will see that a lot of the components require the passing of a property called slot. In a similar vein to how web components use slots we have them assigned to our components and they can also be used for arbirary components to place any component into the location indicated by the slot. Using your own components with a slot is still in flux so do this at your own risk.


The Site component should be used as the wrapping component for the development site.

formChildOptions - The form child options are the optional children that can be added to a component that can have children, as specified in its JSON schema. The options are provided to the implementation the FAST development site makes of the @microsoft/fast-tooling-react, the data structure that is used is from the Form property childOptions and can be referenced here.

onUpdateDirection - The callback provided for an update in RTL, it will execute the given callback with "rtl" or "ltr".

onUpdateTheme - The callback provided for an update for theme, it well execute the given callback with the selected theme.

Example callback to be passed to onUpdateTheme

handleOnUpdateTheme = (theme: string) {

themes - An object with properties id,displayName and background. The background property will be applied to the container of the component examples on the detail and example pages.

Example on usage of themes

const themes = [
    {id: "Light", displayName: "Light", background: "#FFF"},
    {id: "Dark", displayName: "Dark", background: "#000"},
    {id: "Blue", displayName: "Blue", background: "#0000FF"}];

componentBackgroundTransparent - Adds an initial background transparency to the examples on the component view.


The SiteTitle is used as a child of Site and should contain the title of the application/site which will appear in the header.

slot - The slot property is required and must pass the string "title".


The SiteTitleBrand can be used as a child of SiteTitle and will bold and color the text contents to the FAST Development Site brand color.


The SiteCategory is used as a child of Site and can contain other SiteCategory components to create a nested structure.

slot - The slot property is required and must pass the string "category".

status If the SiteCategory contains SiteCategoryItem component(s) it can set the status of these items which can be Alpha, Beta or Release. The default is always set to Beta. As the component becomes more stable or is release ready the status can be updated on ISiteCategory props by setting status "Alpha","Beta" or "Released".


The SiteCategoryItem is used as a child of SiteCategory,

slot - The slot property is required, the first SiteCategoryItem should pass "canvas-detail-view-documentation" and any subsequent SiteCategoryItem components must pass "canvas-detail-view-example". The item that has the "canvas-detail-view-documentation" will show up on the documentation tab while the "canvas-detail-view-example" items will be displayed on the examples tab.

data - The data is should map to the properties of the component in the parent SiteCategory

designSystem - (Optional) If a design system is used from the @microsoft/fast-jss-manager-react then you can provide any design system configurations to this property.


The SiteCategoryDocumentation is used as a child of SiteCategory and it's children should contain the documentation for the category, provided that the category contains a component and SiteCategoryItem components. This will show up below the SiteCategoryItem with the slot of "canvas-detail-view-documentation".

slot - The slot property is required and must pass the string "canvas-detail-view-documentation".

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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