A color utility for generating a range of colors from a single color


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FAST Colors

@microsoft/fast-colors includes a number of color classes and utilities designed to make parsing and manipulating colors easy, fast, and light-weight.

Color classes

There are a number of color classes exported for common color formats. These include:

  • ColorHSL
  • ColorHSV
  • ColorLAB
  • ColorLCH
  • ColorRGBA64 (note each channel is a number from 0-1)
  • ColorXYZ
const myColor: new ColorRGBA64(0, 0, 0, 1);

myColor.toStringHexRGB() // "#000000"

Color parsers

A number of color parsers are also available to parse a variety of different color formats.

  • parseColorHexRGB(raw: string): ColorRGBA64 | null parses #RGB or #RRGGBB color strings
  • parseColorHexARGB(raw: string): ColorRGBA64 | null parses #ARGB or #AARRGGBB color strings
  • parseColorHexRGBA(raw: string): ColorRGBA64 | null parses #RGBA or #RRGGBBAA color strings
  • parseColorWebRGB(raw: string): ColorRGBA64 | null parses #rgb(R, G, B) color strings
  • parseColorWebRGBA(raw: string): ColorRGBA64 | null parses #rgb(R, G, B, A) color strings
  • parseColorNamned(raw: string): ColorRGBA64 | null parses named color strings

Color Palette

A utility for creating a palette of colors from a source color and configuration options:

  • baseColor?: ColorRGBA64
  • steps?: number
  • interpolationMode?: ColorInterpolationSpace
  • scaleColorLight?: ColorRGBA64
  • scaleColorDark?: ColorRGBA64
  • clipLight?: number
  • clipDark?: number
  • saturationAdjustmentCutoff?: number
  • saturationLight?: number
  • saturationDark?: number
  • overlayLight?: number
  • overlayDark?: number
  • multiplyLight?: number
  • multiplyDark?: number


const palette: ColorPalette = new ColorPalette({
    baseColor: new ColorRGBA64(.4, .4, .7, 1),
    steps: 99,
    interpolationMode: ColorInterpolationSpace.RGB

Color converters

A number of color converters are available to convert one color format to the other. Each color accepts a color class of the source type and returns a color class of the converted type:

  • hslToRGB
  • rgbToHSL
  • rgbToHSV
  • hsvToRGB
  • lchToLAB
  • labToLCH
  • labToXYZ
  • xyzToLAB
  • rgbToXYZ
  • xyzToRGB
  • rgbToLAB
  • labToRGB
  • rgbToLCH
  • lchToRGB
const rgb: ColorRGBA64 = new ColorRGBA64(.5, .5, .5, 1);
const hsl: ColorHSL = rgbToHSL(rgb);

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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