Zero dependencies, Browser library for Contract based API access


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This is a client library for the Methodus framework, but it can also be used independently.

Methodus Client

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The library is used to define transport related integrations using TypeScript decorators. The decorated classes will be used to invoke the transport and deliver the call using it. For example a website using Rest calls to a remote server will abstract the Rest calls to a decorated class and then use that class instead of direct Rest access code.

Decorated client contract classes can be created manually or auto generated using the @methodus/contracts package.

https://github.com/nodulusteam/-methodus-client https://github.com/nodulusteam/-methodus-server https://github.com/nodulusteam/-methodus-describe https://github.com/nodulusteam/-methodus-contracts

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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