CLI tool archiving your keybase.io-encrypted data to Google Drive


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This is a CLI tool managing preparing, encrypting and saving (to cloud) password/sensitive text files.


$ npm i -g @meedamian/savepass


You can either pass CLI flags or answer questions.

$ savepass --help

  CLI tool archiving your keybase.io-encrypted data to Google Drive

  Usage: savepass <command>

  where <command> is one of:
      add, new, list, ls, remove, rm

  Example Usage:
      savepass add [OPTIONAL <flags>]
      savepass --debug ls
      savepass rm --file=myBank

  Global flags:
          Enable debug output.

  savepass add flags:
          Specify template name to be used. Available templates can be
          found in `templates/` folder.
          Encrypt output file for a different user then the one logged in.
      --name, --website, --login, --password, --email, --seed
          Pass values from CLI or disable by passing null or false.
          NOTE: --password flag can only be disabled

  Specify configs in the json-formatted file:

Bugs and feedback

If you discover a bug please report it to:


Mail me at mee.damian@gmail.com, on twitter I'm @meeDamian.


MIT @ Damian Mee

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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