A set of simple data validation and conversion tools


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validation-helper is a set of simple data validation and conversion tools for string input data that uses Validator.js


npm install @mediaxpost/validation-helper


const validationHelper = require('@mediaxpost/validation-helper');

console.log(validationHelper.validate('1.23', 'float'));
console.log(validationHelper.validate('qwerty', 'float'));
console.log(validationHelper.validate('qwerty', 'string'));
console.log(validationHelper.convert('1.23', 'float'));

API Reference

validationHelper.validate(value, type [, options]) ⟾ boolean

Test is the string value is of the type specified. Additional Validator.js options may be passed for added constraints.

Type Desc Options
'int', 'integer' Integer Values Y
'float' Floating Point Values Y
'bool', 'boolean' Boolean values N
'email', Email addresses Y
'currency' Currency values (e.g. '1.23', '$30', '€12,73') Y
'uuid' v1, v2, or v4 UUID values N
'url' Url values (e.g. 'http://google.com' ) Y
'fqdn' Fully-qualified Domain Name (e.g. 'docs.google.com') Y
'apikey' A uuid-apikey APIKey value (e.g. 'ZYXWVTS-9876543-ABCDEFG-1234567') N
'string' String Values N
'any' Any possible value N
validationHelper.validate('1.23', 'float');



validationHelper.convert(value, type) ⟾ mixed

Attempts to convert the provided string value to the type specified. If the type is unknown, then the original value is returned. The type can be int, float, or bool. For int and float values NaN is returned if the value can not be converted.

validationHelper.convert('1234', 'int');



validationHelper.strToBool(str) ⟾ boolean

Converts the string value to a boolean. true, yes, 1 return a value true. All other value return false.


Copyright (c) 2018,2019 Jay Reardon -- Licensed under the MIT license.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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