Error handlers and middleware for use in Express projects


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Error handlers and middleware for use in Express or Meanie Express Seed projects



You can install this package using yarn or npm.

yarn add @meanie/express-error-handling

npm install @meanie/express-error-handling --save


//Load library
const errors = require('@meanie/express-error-handling');

//Define some custom middleware
const myHandler = function(error, req, res, next) { ... };

//Register it with the error handler
errors.register('my-handler', myHandler);

//Specify default middleware stack to use
  'normalize', 'track-with-sentry', 'my-handler', 'log-to-console',


Load stack of pre-registered error handling middleware:

const stack = errors.middleware();

Use it as express middleware:

stack.forEach(handler => app.use(handler));

Run an error through error handling middleware stack:

someRoute(req, res, next) {
    .then(() => {

      //End response

      //Do something else async which won't be part of the request
      //error handling stack, but catch and process the errors anyway.
        .catch(error => errors.handler(error, req));

Issues & feature requests

Please report any bugs, issues, suggestions and feature requests in the @meanie/express-error-handling issue tracker.


Pull requests are welcome! If you would like to contribute to Meanie, please check out the Meanie contributing guidelines.


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(MIT License)

Copyright 2016-2020, Adam Reis

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