Reusable React components.


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Design system for @mdotasia websites. Built with Rebass. Explore online: https://components.maier.asia.



yarn add @mdotasia/components

to add package @mdotasia/components to your dependencies. Import components like this

import { Header, Footer } from "@mdotasia/components";


Use Storybook to develop components in isolation. Run

yarn start

Then open your browser at http://localhost:9009/.


Visual regression testing is done with Puppeteer on Zeit Now v1. Standardizing on Chromium screenshots on Linux eliminates cross-plattform rendering differences that would occur when running visual regression tests locally on different operating systems.

To launch visual regression tests on Zeit Now, run npx now from the project root. Obviously, this only works if you have sufficient permissions. If visual regression tests fail, you can access diffs of the most recent visual regression tests at https://diff.maier.asia and updated screenshots at the URL provided by Zeit Now (app ID: screenshots). If you are satisfied with the screenshots you need to manually create an alias for https://screenshots.maier.asia, which is the URL from which the comparison screenshots are pulled when running visual regression tests.

Here is an overview of the deployments that get triggered when running visual regression tests:

URL Type Config Source Directory Comment
components.maier.asia v1 static build now.json and Dockerfile /public (inside Docker container) Default deployment behavior for static builds on Zeit Now v1. Deploys only if visual regression tests pass. Run now alias components manually upon release.
screenshots.maier.asia v1 static test/now.screenshots.json screenshots Deployment is triggered by image-reporter.js. Run now alias screenshots manually after verifying screenshots.
diff.maier.asia v1 static test/now.diff.json /public (inside Docker container) Deployment and alias is triggerd by image-reporter.js.

You should normally never run

yarn test

locally. Tests should pass on Linux, but will probably fail on other platforms due to subtle cross-platform rendering differences in Chromium.

Whenever you push a branch to GitHub, open a pull request or push to an existing pull request, visual regression tests are run on Zeit Now via Zeit's GitHub app. Check individual commits or pull request comments for a link to the deployment on Zeit Now. If the logs show that tests have failed, you can access screenshot diffs at https://diff.maier.asia as described before.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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