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Amazon Product API

Typescript interface to Amazon product advertising api.


npm install @mcrowe/amazon-product-api --save

import * as Amazon from '@mcrowe/amazon-product-api'

const key = {
  accessKeyId: '...',
  secretAccessKey: '...',
  associateTag: '...',
  locale: '...'

const result = await Amazon.getProduct(key, 'us', 'B01A...')

if (result.ok) {
  // result.data is the product data (see types.ts for structure)
} else {
  // result.error is a string error code (see "Results" below)

// Or, use the bulk api ...

const result = await Amazon.bulkGetProducts(key, 'us', ['B01A...', ...])

if (result.ok) {
  // result.data is a map from asin to product data

// For inventory 

const result = await Amazon.getInventory(key, 'us', 'B01A...')

if (result.ok) {
  // result.data returns inventory data (see types.ts for structure)
} else {
  // result.error is a string error code (see "Results" below)


Lots of things can go wrong when talking to the product api. This library is pessimistic and assumes something will go wrong. Requests return a result object which may represent success or failure. Errors are only thrown in cases that are trully exceptions (unexpected and unknown failure cases). This should never happen.

Here are a list of the known error codes that could occur:

  • fetch_error: There was a fetch error on the client end when trying to get data from AWS.
  • parse_error: The response from Amazon had an unexpected format and we choked when trying to parse it.
  • invalid_associate: The amazon associate associated with the given key was not allowed to make this request
  • invalid_key: The provided api key was not valid.
  • aws_server_error: AWS had an internal server error.
  • aws_throttle: Too many requests have been made on this key recently.
  • cart_error: There was an error parsing the cart information from amazon.
  • unavailable_via_api: The asin is unavailable via the product advertising api.


Install npm modules:

npm install

Run tests:

npm test


Release a new version:


This will publish a new version to npm, as well as push a new tag up to github.


  • Proper variant parsing
  • Proper image parsing?

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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