A small helper function for managing BEM classes.


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bem is a small helper function for managing BEM classes.


npm install --save @maxwellmri/bem


bem can be used 3 ways.

  1. With an array

    const b = bem("Block");
    b(["&__component"]) // returns Block__component
    ub(["&__component", "&--modified"]) // returns Block__component Block--modifier
  2. With an string

    const b = bem("Block");
    b("&__component") // returns Block__component
  3. With an object (for conditional classes)

    const b = bem("Block");
    b({ "&__component": true, "&--disabled": false }) // returns Block__component
    b({ "&__component": true, "&--disabled": true }) // returns Block__component Block--disabled
  4. With multiple arguments

    const b = bem("Block");
    b(["&", "&--disabled"], "random") // returns Block Block--disabled random
    b(["&", "&--disabled"], { "fizz": true, "buzz": false }) // returns Block Block--disabled fizz

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