Copy node_modules stated in a package.json file


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copy-node-modules - fast deploy Node.js modules to distination folder

Copy all modules listed in 'dependencies' or 'devDependencies' field of package.json to destination folder.

The procedure:

  1. Read package.json from source directoy, and read 'dependencies' or 'devDependencies' field.
  2. Search existed modules in source directory, and search all dependencies.
  3. Copy all modules to destination directory.

The modern applications use lots of modules, each module depends on more modules, results hundreds of modules need to be installed when typing npm install. When you want to pack/deploy your application to a folder which contains all needed modules, this module will help you to save time from slow npm install

It will save you a bunch of time to deploy stand-alone application from existed development directory, no need to fetch all modules from remote repository.


npm install copy-node-modules --save-dev

Programmatic Usage

var copyNodeModule = require('copy-node-modules');

copyNodeModules(srcDir, dstDir, [options], callback)

  • srcDir: source directory contains package.json file.
  • dstDir: destination directory to copy modules, the modules will copy to dstDir/node_modules directory.
  • options: devDependencies: Boolean value, defaults to false, also copy development modules when it sets to true
  • callback(err, results): A callback which is called when all copy tasks have finished or error occurs, results is an array contains copied modules, each item is an object as {name: 'xxx', version: 'xxx'}


var copyNodeModule = require('copy-node-modules');
var srcDir = '/somewhere/project';
var dstDir = '/somewhere/project/dist';
copyNodeModule(srcDir, dstDir, {devDependencies: false}, function(err, results) {
  if (err) {
  for (var i in results) {
    console.log('package name:' + results[i].name + ' version:' + results[i].version);

CLI Usage

Usage: Usage: copy-node-modules src_dir dest_dir [--dev] [-v|--verbose]
  • src_dir: source directory contains package.json file.
  • dest_dir: destination directory to copy modules, the modules will copy to dstDir/node_modules directory.
  • --dev: also copy modules listed in devDependencies field.
  • -v|--verbose: verbose mode.



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