Contains the TSLint configuration in line with our coding style guide.


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TSLint Configuration

This project contains the TSLint configuration template which is in line with our coding style guide. A full list of all rules can be found here.

The version of this package indicates the minimal required version of TSLint.


  1. Add this package to your project:

    # From npm
    npm install @marblecore/tslint-configuration --save-dev
    # From repository
    npm install git+ssh://git@gitlab.com:marblecore/tslint-configuration.git --save-dev
  2. Install TSLint to your project:

    npm install tslint --save-dev
  3. Create a file tslint.json at the root of your project and insert the following code:

        "extends": "@marblecore/tslint-configuration"
  4. Execute linter:

    tslint -c tslint.json file.ts

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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