Update your icons library project from the zip generated by icomoon


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Update your icons library project from the zip generated by icomoon.

Fork from the original icomoon-builder project with a more flexible CLI API.

Currently working only for CSS and SASS.

If you are developing your own icons library using the Icomoon tool and you find yourself doing the below process all the time this project might be useful for you.

Normal process

  1. Download the zip file from icomoon.
  2. Uncompressing it.
  3. Copy pasting parts of code into your own.
  4. Moving files to the location you want.
  5. Minify the css file.

Process with icomoon-builder

  1. Download the font from icomoon.
  2. Run icomoon-builder.


  • Uncompress the icomoon generated zip file for you.
  • Pick the location where the fonts styles will be moved.
  • Choose where to move the pre-processed and css styles separately.
  • All references between all these files will be updated accordingly.
  • Minify the distribution css with cssnano.
  • Update the font family name with the one you chose.
  • Will keep your selection.json generated by icomoon so you can resume your work.
  • And many more (below examples).


npm install --save-dev icomoon-builder


You can run it directly in your terminal with npx (included in npm since version 5.2):

npx icomoon-builder export <fontName> <icomoonZipFile>

Or add it as a script in your package.json:

"scripts": {
    "import": "icomoon-builder export"

And then run it:

npm run import <fontName> <icomoonZipFile>


You can control which files are copied with some additional flags:

  • --css <path> : copies the CSS file to this path.
  • --css-name <name> : rename CSS file to the value of this flag.
  • --docs <path> : copies the docs to this path.
  • --fonts <path> : copies the font files to this path.
  • --fonts-public <path> : changes fonts path in the CSS file to this path.
  • --force : execute without confirmation.
  • --json <path> : copy the JSON file to this path.
  • --no-minify : skip CSS minification.
  • --preprocessor <path> : copy the SCSS file to this path.

Any flag that's not used in will result in such file not to be copied. (Note: this differs from the previous version which required all parameters to be passed in.)



Considering the following files are the ones icomoon generates and compresses:

├── demo-files
|   ├── demo.css
|   └── demo.js
├── demo.html
├── fonts
|   ├── icomoon.svg
|   ├── icomoon.ttf
|   └── icomoon.woff
├── Read Me.txt
├── selection.json
├── style.css
├── style.scss
└── variables.scss

When running:

cd your/path/to/fancy-icons-project/
npx icomoon-builder export fancy-icons ~/Downloads/icomoon.zip --preprocessor=scss --css=css --fonts=fonts --docs=docs --json=./

We will obtain:

├── css
|   ├── fancy-icons.css
|   └── fancy-icons.min.css
├── docs
|   ├── index.html
|   ├── scripts.js
|   └── styles.css
├── fonts
|   ├── fancy-icons.svg
|   ├── fancy-icons.ttf
|   └── fancy-icons.woff
└── scss
|   ├── fancy-icons.scss
|   ├── _icons.scss
|   └── _variables.scss
└── icomoon.json

The export command does not destroy directories so if you have more files in the destination folders they will remain the same.

The following is the list of files copied:

From To Operations performed
.tmp/demo.html fancy-icons-project/docs/index.html Updated references to assets
.tmp/demo-files/demo.css fancy-icons-project/docs/styles.css
.tmp/demo-files/demo.js fancy-icons-project/docs/scripts.js
.tmp/selection.json fancy-icons-project/icomoon.json Renamed to icomoon.json
.tmp/style.css fancy-icons-project/css/fancy-icons.css Renamed to <fontName>, updated references
fancy-icons-project/css/fancy-icons.min.css Minify the previous css
.tmp/fonts/line-icons.woff fancy-icons-project/fonts/fancy-icons.woff Renamed to <fontName>
.tmp/fonts/line-icons.svg fancy-icons-project/fonts/fancy-icons.svg Renamed to <fontName>
.tmp/fonts/line-icons.ttf fancy-icons-project/fonts/fancy-icons.ttf Renamed to <fontName>
.tmp/style.scss fancy-icons-project/scss/_icons.scss Updated references and renamed $icomoon-font-path
.tmp/variables.scss fancy-icons-project/scss/_variables.scss
fancy-icons-project/scss/fancy-icons.scss Imports the other two scss files. Created if does not exist before


Removes files from the specified paths.

Careful, this command is destructive and cannot be undone.

Warning: if you pass a directory, it will remove it completely, including files not copied with the export command.

Accepts the following flags:

  • --css <path> : removes the CSS file to this path.
  • --docs <path> : removes the docs to this path.
  • --fonts <path> : removes the font files to this path.
  • --force : execute without confirmation.
  • --json <path> : copy the JSON file to this path.
  • --preprocessor <path> : copy the SCSS file to this path.


cd your/path/to/fancy-icons-project/
npx icomoon-builder clean --preprocessor=scss --css=css --fonts=fonts --docs=docs

Will remove entirely the following folders:

  • your/path/to/fancy-icons-project/scss
  • your/path/to/fancy-icons-project/css
  • your/path/to/fancy-icons-project/fonts
  • your/path/to/fancy-icons-project/docs


  • SASS
  • LESS
  • Stylus




If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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