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A stylelint processor for using stylelint on GFM fenced code blocks in Markdown.

Uses remark to parse the Markdown.


npm install @mapbox/stylelint-processor-markdown



Type: String, Default: 'css'

Specify the language for code blocks that will be sent through stylelint.

By default, this module looks for CSS blocks. If you would like to lint another syntax supported by stylelint, change this option to match the code blocks language (e.g. to 'scss' for ```scss blocks) and make sure you tell stylelint about your non-standard syntax when you run it.

If you have one Markdown file with code blocks of multiple syntaxes, you'll need to lint it multiple times, once for each syntax.


Do not use this processor with the no-empty-source rule. If you do, you will have warnings whenever a markdown file does not contain any stylesheet blocks.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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