A stylelint processor that allows you to lint CSS within arbitrary tags


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A stylelint processor that allows you to lint CSS within arbitrary tags.

The module uses a regular expression to identify code within the specified tags, then passes the code on to stylelint.

By default, it looks for code within <style> tags (see default options below). But you can change the regular expression to find code within other tags, like {% highlight css %}...{% endhighlight %} for Jekyll templates, or /* start css */.../* end css */ within a JS file, or who knows what else.


npm install @mapbox/stylelint-processor-arbitrary-tags



Type: string that's RegExp-ready




Type: string that's RegExp-ready




Type: string that's RegExp-ready




Type: array<RegExp|string> that's an array of regular expressions or strings that describe files that you want to be processed with this module. Matches will be processed; files that do not match will not be.

Given the following value, only .html files will be processed:

fileFilterRegex: [/\.html$/]

You can also use regular expression strings instead of regular expression literals. This is necessary if you are using yaml-based configuration and can't use regular expression literals. Yaml variant of example above:

  - fileFilterRegex:
    - '\.html$'

This is useful when you want to create different settings for HTML and markdown, for instance.

When empty ([]), every file will pass through the filter and be processed by this module.




Do not use this processor with the no-empty-source rule. If you do, you will have warnings whenever a file does not contain any matches for your regular expression.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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