A stringify template helper for outputting JSON with escaped forward slashes and line terminators


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Like JSON.stringify, but escapes forward slashes and line terminators.

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##Usage Same arguments as JSON.stringify:

saferstringify(obj, replacer, spaces)

var saferstringify = require('safer-stringify');

var obj = {};
obj.github = 'http://www.github.com/mapbox/saferstringify';
obj.escape = 'ro
cks'; // has hidden \u2028 literal between `ro` and `cks`
obj.script = '<script>wut("lol")</script>';

saferstringify(obj, null, 2);


  "github": "http:\/\/www.github.com\/mapbox\/saferstringify",
  "escape": "ro\u2028cks",
  "script": "<script>wut(\"lol\")<\/script>"


A unescaped </script> tag in JSON will be parsed in HTML as the closing script tag regardless of whether it was intended as that or not. See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/66837/when-is-a-cdata-section-necessary-within-a-script-tag/1450633#1450633

u2028 and u2029 must be escaped because no string in JavaScript can contain a literal U+2028 or a U+2029, as they are line terminators. See http://timelessrepo.com/json-isnt-a-javascript-subset


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