a mapbox geocoder component


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A geocoder component using Mapbox.


An accessToken is assumed to be a valid Mapbox accessToken.

  accessToken=required string
  onSelect=required function
  onSuggest=optional function
  source=optional string, default 'mapbox.places'
  endpoint=optional string, default 'http://api.tiles.mapbox.com'
  inputClass=optional string, default ''
  inputPlaceholder=optional string, default 'Search'
  resultClass=optional string, default ''
  resultsClass=optional string, default ''
  showLoader=optional string, default ''
  inputPosition=optional string, default 'top', can be 'bottom'
  resultFocusClass=optional string, default 'strong'
  proximity=optional string, default '',
  bbox=optional string, default '',
  types=optional string, default '',
  focusOnMount=optional bool, default true

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