neon module for wrapping fuzzy-phrase


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Node Fuzzy Phrase

Node.js wrapper using Neon for the fuzzy-phrase Rust module.


To install node-fuzzy-phrase run:

npm install

By default, binaries are provided for 64 bit OS X >= 10.8 and 64 bit Linux (>= Ubuntu Trusty). On those platforms no external dependencies are needed.

Other platforms will fall back to a source compile: see Source Build for details

Source build

  • To build from source run: yarn build || neon build. This will automatically build the binaries.

  • To do a full rebuild run: neon clean


This project includes script/publish.sh which builds binaries and published them to s3.

  1. Merge your branch into master
  2. Update version number in package.json
  3. git commit -m 'releasing 0.1.0 [publish binary]'

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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