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Quick start

Detailed instructions can be found in Contribution Guide


  1. Run npm ci to install dependencies
  2. Link current directory to the global npm-scope with the command npm link

Run Storybook

Tool for visual components and styles testing

  1. Run npm install --no-save @manychat/icons to install @manychat/icons peer dependency
  2. Run Rollup watcher: npm run rollup:watch
  3. Run Storybook live server: npm run storybook:start
  4. Open Storybook at http://localhost:9001

Run Gatsby

Local version of https://design.manychat.com

  1. Run Rollup watcher: npm run rollup:watch
  2. Run npm run gatsby:install to install Gatbsy dependencies
  3. Run Gatsby live server: npm run gatsby:start
  4. Open Gatsby at http://localhost:8000

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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