Mandala UI Kit OutlineDot Component


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Mandala UI OutlineDot Component

Mandala is a React component library that utilizes a declarative CSS library for styling.


Check the MonoRepo README for installation.


A header for the top of lists that matches the style and props


if using the whole library:

import { OutlineDot } from 'mandala';

if only using this component:

import OutlineDot from '@mandala-ui/outline-dot';


  • borderColor - the color of the border around the dot
  • borderWidth - the width of the border around the dot
  • color - the color of the dot
  • innerBorderWidth - the width of the inner section between the dot and border
  • innerColor - the color of the inner section of the outlined dot
propName propType defaultValue isRequired
borderColor string null -
borderWidth number false -
color string 'white' -
innerBorderWidth number false -
innerColor string 0 -
large boolean false -


  • rename to Dot, use outline as a prop
  • infer lined from lineColor prop existence


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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