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Maildots is a cross-platform app designed to streamline the communication via e-mail and optimize the management and functionality of this medium This repository holds the source code for the Node-sdk version of Maildots written mainly in Javascript


  • Fast: Maildots is significantly faster than even dedicated e-mails servers, thanks to a new paradigm of communication between devices with Maildots installed.

  • Modern: Maildots offers an innovative interface, which mix the robust functionality of e-mail with the simplicity of a message application.

  • Usefull: Maildots expands the e-mail potencial, introducing new functions like control version for attachments, task manager and e-mail schedule.

  • Collaborative: By first time, Maildots allows the user to work in team without having to move to another platform.

Build and code Maildots-node-sdk


To start coding and build

  • Clone this repository
  • Build the project using npm

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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