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Implementation of an handmade application protocol for messaging

Be careful this is an alpha version of the software and many bugs can be found in it. If you use it and found some, please create an issue, it can be helpful.

What does it do ?

That's a simple messaging server / client using node-ipc in the hood
It garantee the order of sended messages and that the message has been received.
You can send a message to a group of clients.
Server cannot receive message, but you can start a client in the same app of the server and will use localhost to communicate.

Getting started

Works on node 8+
Install it with npm i @lug/e-pigeon

You can check example for an simple use of this module.


const { EPigeonServer } = require('@lug/e-pigeon')
const server = new EPigeonServer()


const { EPigeonClient } = require('@lug/e-pigeon')
const client = new EPigeonClient()
client.connect('host', 9999)


For debugging, you can set the env debug variable to epigeon:* like described in the debug module



name params description
serve port:Int serve on this port
stop - stop the server



name params description
connect host:string / port:Int connect to server
disconnect - disconnect from server
updateSession {key:value,...} set values to your client session
sendMessage to: uuid or {key:value} / content:any send a message to a uuid or to all client that match the key:value on their session


You can add en event handler with client.on(<event>, <callback>)

event callback params description
connected - when the client is connected to the server
disconnected - when the client is disconnected
authenticated - when the client is authenticated
session.update {uuid, session} when a client update his session
message message when a message is recieved, contains many things but the content is stored in message.payload
client.connect uuid when a client connect to the server
client.disconnect uuid when a client disconnect from the server

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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