A library to play the game rock, paper, scissors


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A module to play Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Given Player 1 and Player 2 moves the module will decide who wins.


Call RPS with the 2 moves (if the second move is not passed one will be generated randomly) and you'll be returned with an object containing the following properties:

  • winner: the winner of the game if there is one (could be tie), either player 1 or `player 2``
  • tie: true if the 2 players played the same shape (e.g. rock vs rock). This field is mutually exclusive with winner
  • message: the result message of the game (e.g. paper beats rock)
  • moves: an object representing the moves of player 1 and player 2

Install @lucadv/rock-paper-scissors:

npm install --save @lucadv/rock-paper-scissors

Then use it like this:

const RPS = require('@lucadv/rock-paper-scissors');

const player1Move = 'rock';
const player2Move = 'paper';

const result = RPS(player1Move, player2Move); 
// { winner: 'player2', message: 'paper beats rock', moves: { player1: 'rock', 'player2': 'paper' } }

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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