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LC Analytics

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Loyalty Corp Analytics wrapper

We wrapped the most used analytics providers for you. Enjoy!


Before start, make sure you load the providers SDKs. This library rely on their global variables.

  1. Install it via NPM: yarn add @loyalty-corp/analytics
  2. Configure the providers you want to use:
import { Analytics } from "@loyaltycorp/analytics";

const analytics = new Analytics({
  use: ["segment", "ensighten"]
  1. Start tracking:
analytics.track("Added to Cart", {
  cart: {
    currency: "AUD",
    total: 100,
    products: [{ name: "Optus Benefit Card", price: 50, quantity: 2 }]


Method Usage
Track analytics.track(eventName: string, eventProperties: any, isLazy?: boolean)
Identify analytics.identify(userId: string, userProperties: any, isLazy?: boolean)
Page analytics.page(name?: string, customProperties?: any)

The isLazy property saves track and identify calls and trigger them in the next page load.


Provider Name
Segment segment
Ensighten ensighten


Built with ❤️ by the Loyalty Corp team.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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