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Themeable UI Library - based on StencilJS and Bootstrap4

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The goal of this project is to provide an extensive and themeable UI library based on StencilJS and Bootstrap.

The feature set we are aiming for is the Atlassian UI Library. We try to stay conform with the guidelines described here: https://atlassian.design/guidelines/product/overview


To create new component, please prefix component's name with cwc- (for e.g. cwc-list). New component must be created in a separate git branch prefixed with feature|bugfix|release like feature/my-new-shiny-component. When the component is done you must provide demo with API reference and component usage on the demo page. After pushing your branch to the repository, create pull request assigning the @ui-guys for review. For every pull request there is an automatically created Netlify deploy. You can check your changes and confirm successfull merge: netlify-deploy-verify Note: Your browser may cache previous version of the app, so you may need to empty cache and reload the page.

NPM publishing

After your component is reviewed and merged, please publish it to npm. Login to your account with npm login. Anytime you can verify your login status with npm whoami command. To publish, increment package version according to SemVer guidelines and simply run npm publish.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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