CLI tools for handling a release on git/github


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Release Tools

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The release tools are a bunch of command line tools to maintain a release. These tools are usually used by a release manager.



Have npx installed with npm install -g npx

List of available commands

npx release-tools

Create Release Branch

Introduction When you want to manage a product with different releases and support old version with patches, you can not just use semver on master. You also have to work with release branches to support old versions. A more detailed explanation with an example can be found here


  • Help: npx @livingdocs/release-tools@<version> create-release-branch
  • Command (simple example): npx @livingdocs/release-tools@<version> create-release-branch --base-tag=v1.0.1 --release-branch-name=release-2017-10 --npm-token=<token>


Run the tests

npm test


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