A cli for generating a framework of npm module.


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A scaffolding for generating a framework of npm module.

The module is based on template, welcome to add more templates.


  1. Code lint (eslint + prettier)
  2. Unit test support, there is a basic test file ./test/index.spec.js
  3. Rollup configured (So you don't worry about the code compiling)
  4. Typescript support, index.d.ts will be generate by run command npm run build:dts
  5. Demo support, you can modify it or src code and see the changes in real time by running command cross-env PORT=3000 npm run dev
  6. Vue/React component development support




npx Recommend

npx @livelybone/npm-module-generator [directory] [--template] [cmd]

If you've previously installed @livelybone/npm-module-generator globally via npm install -g @livelybone/npm-module-generator, we recommend you uninstall the package using npm uninstall -g @livelybone/npm-module-generator to ensure that npx always uses the latest version.


# npm global install
npm i -g @livelybone/npm-module-generator

module-generator [directory] [--template] [cmd]

This can not ensure that the module is up to date

Create a Vue component

npx @livelybone/npm-module-generator vue-component-dir --vue

Create a Vue component with typescript

npx @livelybone/npm-module-generator vue-component-dir --vue-ts

Create a React component/library

npx @livelybone/npm-module-generator react-component-dir --react

Create a React component/library with typescript

npx @livelybone/npm-module-generator react-component-dir --react-ts

Create a js module/library

npx @livelybone/npm-module-generator module-dir --js

Create a js module/library with typescript

npx @livelybone/npm-module-generator module-dir --ts

See the version

npx @livelybone/npm-module-generator -v


Argument Default Description
directory none Optional. Dirname of the module
template js Optional. Chose template, options: ['js', 'vue', 'react', 'ts', 'vue-ts', 'react-ts']
cmd none Optional.
-v --v -version --version -> version;
--un-git -un-git -> disabled git init;
-i --i -install --install -> enable npm install

Params of initializer

project-name: The name of the module will be used in npm, like npm i [your-preject-name]

global-name: The variable the module exported in umd bundle

description: Description of the module

repository: Repository of the module

keywords: Keywords of the module

bugsUrl: Where to submit bugs of the module

author: Author of the module

homepage: The url of the demo or homepage. We may prefer demo address

Module dev

Use the command npm run dev in the module you generated to develop it,you can see the changes by refreshing the demo page


  1. I modified the source code, but never see the changes in the demo page in running npm run dev

    Maybe you should open the chrome dev-tool,and check Disable cache option

  2. The module I generated has no command npm run build:dts, so I cannot generate index.d.ts

    The three templates 'js', 'vue', 'react' do not support for generating index.d.ts temporarily,please update you index.d.ts file manually


  1. update typescript version to support optional chaining
  2. add es6 building support

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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