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This package provides a Lightweightform theme for building Lightweightform applications.

This theme is built using Bootstrap (v4) for the style-guide and Font Awesome for icons.

Other Lightweightform themes are advised to use this theme as their implementation reference.

Goals of Lightweightform's Bootstrap theme

  • Configurability: styles may be easily overridden by changing the value of all SCSS variables (both those provided by the theme itself and all that are exposed by Bootstrap).
  • Responsive by default (desktop, tablet, mobile).


All Lightweightform documentation is available at: https://docs.lightweightform.io.

The @lightweightform/bootstrap-theme API is available at: https://docs.lightweightform.io/api/bootstrap-theme.

Browser support

  • Internet Explorer: 11 (requires at least Map.prototype.entries and Array.from polyfills)
  • Other browsers: Latest 2 versions

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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