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Delta provides tooling for creating and testing AWS Lambda functions that process AWS data streams.


npm install --save @lifeomic/delta



The delta.handlers module provides tools for constructing async AWS Lambda handlers using RxJS.


Create an RxJS operator for extracting AWS Lambda data stream records from an event.


Create an AWS Lambda handler from a set of operatorFactories. Each fatory is invoked with the context object from the Lambda invocation and is expected to return an RxJS operator. The Lambda event is then piped through all of of the operators and the last emitted value is returned. If no operator emits a value an error is thrown.

withContext(generator, handler)

Creates a new AWS Lambda handler that wraps a given handler. The wrapper will invoke the generator with the context object Lambda invocation. The transformed context and the original Lambda event are then passed to the handler and the result is retuned.


The delta.generators module provides tools for generating synthetic data stream event payloads. This is often useful for testing.


Encodes the payload object and returns a single Kinesis record.


Encodes records as a event object like what AWS Lambda receives from a registered data stream. records may be a single record on an array of records.

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