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A simple API client for the Bitrise API.


$ npm install --save @lifeomic/bitrise


bitrise({ token })

Create a new client instance. token is a personal access token.

const bitrise = require('@lifeomic/bitrise');
const client = bitrise({ token: 'some-token' });

bitrise.app({ slug })

Create an app object. slug is the Bitrise app slug.

const bitrise = require('@lifeomic/bitrise');
const app = bitrise({ token }).app({ slug });

An app has the following attributes:

  • slug β€”Β the app's unique identifier.

async app.triggerBuild(options)

Trigger a new build for the app. Supported options include the following:

  • branch β€” the branch to run (or the source of a pull request). The default is master.
  • commitHash β€” the hash of the commit to checkout of SCM. If not provided then the branch parameter is used.
  • commitMessage β€” a description to include on the build.
  • disableStatusReporting β€” disable sending status reports to SCM.
  • environment β€” an object of key value pairs representing environment variables to provide to the build.
  • pullRequest β€” the ID of the pull request being built.
  • target β€”Β the destination branch of the pull request.
  • workflow β€”Β the ID of the Bitrise workflow to run.

Returns a build object representing the build that was started. A build has the following attributes:

  • appSlug β€” the slug of the application that the build is for.
  • buildSlug β€” the unique ID of the build.


async build.abort({ reason })

Abort the build. If supplied the reason string will be included in the build details.


async build.describe()

Get all attributes for a build.


async build.follow({ heartbeat, interval })

Poll on the logs for a build and print them to stdout. An error will be thrown if the build fails. interval is the polling interval in milliseconds (default value is 5000). heartbeat is the maximum interval that no output can be received in milliseconds. When this value is supplied a heartbeat message will be printed if no output has been received. When it is not supplied nothing is printed unless output is received from the build.


async build.isFinished()

Returns true if the build has completed execution (regardless of success or failure). Returns false otherwise. This is just a convenience method for running build.describe() and checking the finished_at attribute.


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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