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The LibreSat distribution of Gitit.

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# Install dependencies
npm install
# Build assets
npm run add-semantic
npm run build-service-worker
# Build and serve on http://localhost:5001
cd src/assets && gitit -f gitit.conf


First, set the SSH key for the git bot:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -N "" -f "src/assets/ssh/id_rsa_container"
# Reads your public SSH key and overwrites the contents of assets/id_rsa.pub with it, so that the bot can clone the wikidata repo
echo $(<~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub) > src/assets/ssh/id_rsa_repo_access.pub

Then, create the git bot account and remote git repository:

  1. Create account on GitLab or other host
  2. Create git repo on host and give the bot account access to it (on GitLab, the "Maintainer" role permission is the right one)
  3. Add a file called "LICENSE.md" with a free (as in freedom) license in it (see https://choosealicense.com/non-software/) to the repo. The repo must not be empty.
  4. Open up the SSH keys settings page of the bot account (on GitLab, that's https://gitlab.com/profile/keys). We'll have to paste in the public SSH key of the bot later on

Furthermore, link to the remote git repository:

echo "git@gitlab.com:pojntfx/git-wikidata-test.git" \
> src/assets/templates/sshgitlink.st
echo "https://gitlab.com/pojntfx/git-wikidata-test" \
> src/assets/templates/httpsgitlink.st
echo "https://gitlab.com/pojntfx/git-wikidata-test/-/archive/master/git-wikidata-test-master.zip" \
> src/assets/templates/ziplink.st

Lastly, edit src/chart/values.yaml according to your needs to finish the configuration. If you want even more configuration options, consider editing src/assets/gitit.conf.

To deploy the wiki, run the following:

# Build assets
npm run add-semantic
npm run build-service-worker
# Build image
docker build src/ -t pojntfx/libresat-wiki
# Deploy to Kubernetes
helm install --values src/chart/values.yaml --namespace wiki src/chart


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