The LibreSat distribution of Stash


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LibreSat Backups

The LibreSat distribution of Stash.

Part of LibreSat


# Install onessl
$ curl -fsSL -o onessl https://github.com/kubepack/onessl/releases/download/0.3.0/onessl-linux-amd64 \
  && chmod +x onessl \
  && sudo mv onessl /usr/local/bin/
[sudo] password for pojntfx: (...)

# Deploy to Kubernetes
$ helm install \
  --values src/chart/values.yaml \
  --set stash.apiserver.ca="$(onessl get kube-ca)" \
  --namespace backups \
To delete looming-snake, run:

  $ helm delete looming-snake
  $ kubectl -n backups delete validatingwebhookconfiguration -l app=stash || true
  $ kubectl -n backups delete mutatingwebhookconfiguration -l app=stash || true
  $ kubectl -n backups delete apiservice -l app=stash

For more, check out libresat-backups's documentation: https://libresat.space/docs/services/backups.html

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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