Convert your web styles in CSS into React Native styles in JSON


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Retro React Native

Retro React Native is a quick easy way to have structured styling in your React Native code base. It will convert web CSS to React Native styles in JSON. You can generate a structured directory for yourself through 'retro-react-native create'

Once this is done you can generate files into the structured styling folder with auto-imports for your file names. These must be files that will enter your stylesheet creators while the other files that you use can be used to add mixin functions for your styling like SASS frameworks do. Those files can be imported into your styling files to wrap your values to change and morph. The freedom is yourself to do what you will with this file structure. However their are tools that may help.

Structured Styles

Create your style folder

retro-react-native create

Generate a file with auto-imports

retro-react-native generate <folder-in-styles> <new-file-name>

If you don't want to import a path to this file into your style creator don't use 'generate'

Convert CSS styles into React native styles

Retro will turn your css into json then filter the json for React native styles only

How is that possible


  • Well slightly Oboe Wan, any styles that do not fit React Native will be deleted
  • Check out Bootstrap 4 conversion into React Native Styles

Check React Native Styling

To Install

npm install -g @lfaler/retro-react-native@latest



To Run

  • You can choose to use JSON format or a JS exported Object ``` // JSON to JS retro-react-native js-to-json

// JS to JSON retro-react-native json-to-js

### CSS to JS

retro-react-native css-to-js

// Then import your js json object in your Stylesheet creator import retro from ''; import {StyleSheet} from 'react-native';

const styles = StyleSheet.create(retro);

### JS to CSS

retro-react-native js-to-css

## What do I do with this huge file?

I had this same problem. I generated a new file using 'generate' then filtered out styles
from the large conversion into the new small file I generated from one single styling purpose.
You can pull out the styles from that large file with keywords in that file into their new destintion file.

### Sort Out Big Style Files By Keyword

retro-react-native keyword-sort

## Examples

### Bootstrap 4

- Bootstrap 4 CSS File: https://github.com/laynef/Retro-CLI/blob/master/test/bootstrap4.css
- Retro JSON File: https://github.com/laynef/Retro-CLI/blob/master/test/retro-bootstrap.json

To test it on an existing example

git clone https://github.com/laynef/Retro-CLI.git cd example yarn install react-native run-ios

The bootstrap library is now used on React Native
Happy coding!

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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