React Component Library with a set of chat components that help implment LetsTalk interfaces.


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ChatElements components to be used on different sites

A set of UI Icon for use across different web applications.


> npm install @letstalk/button --save --registry http://localhost:4873/


Let you import and use many of the ready to use component that Lets Talk ships in different products.

In your project just include what you need, ie:

import { Button } from '@letstalk/button';


We use storybook to show how the component work. It allow you to see all the props available on the component and at the same time you can play around with it.

To run documentation site do:

npm run storybook

Then go to the browser to http://localhost:9001/ and enjoy.


npm run test comes with test for checking that everything works correclty.



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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