A ListView backed ViewPager component for react-native apps. More flexible than ViewPagerAndroid.


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A ListView backed ViewPager component for react-native apps. More flexible than ViewPagerAndroid.


npm install --save @ldn0x7dc/react-native-view-pager

The private scope @ldn0x7dc exists because this name has already been taken.


Have a glance at first.

import ViewPager from '@ldn0x7dc/react-native-view-pager';
render() {
    return (
        style={{flex: 1}}
        renderPage={(pageData, pageId, layout) => {}}
        pageDataArray={['your', 'data', 'array']}


Most of the props mimics those of ViewPagerAndroid. But differences exist.

  • renderPage : function

    (pageData, pageId, layout) => renderable

    For your convenience, The layout object ({width, height}) contains the width and height of this ViewPager. The renderable returned here will be overridden with ViewPager's width and height.

  • pageDataArray : array

    Custom data array of your pages. Each array item will be passed to renderPage(pageData, pageId, layout) as the first argument.

  • initialPage : number

    Index of initial page that should be selected. Use setPage method to update the page, and onPageSelected to monitor page changes

  • onPageScroll : function

    (event) => {}.

    The event object  will carry following data:

    • position: index of first page from the left that is currently visible
    • offset: value from range [0,1) describing stage between page transitions.
    • fraction: means that (1 - x) fraction of the page at "position" index is visible, and x fraction of the next page is visible.
  • onPageScrollStateChanged : function

    (state) => {}.

    Called when the page scrolling state has changed. The page scrolling state can be in 3 states: -

    • idle, meaning there is no interaction with the page scroller happening at the time
    • dragging, meaning there is currently an interaction with the page scroller
    • settling, meaning that there was an interaction with the page scroller, and the page scroller is now finishing it's closing or opening animation
  • onPageSelected : function

    (page) => {}.

    Called with the index of page that has been selected.

  • pageMargin : number

    Blank space to show between pages.

  • scrollEnabled : bool

    When false, the content does not scroll. The default value is true.


  • setPage(page, immediate)

    A helper function to scroll to a specific page in the ViewPager. The transition between pages will be animated if immediate is not provided or false.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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