Ember addon with a login and logout component for ACM/IDM


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Ember addon providing an Ember Simple Auth authenticator for ACM/IDM and a simple login and logout component.


  • Ember.js v3.4 or above
  • Ember CLI v2.13 or above
  • Node.js v8 or above


ember install @lblod/ember-acmidm-login


Add the following configuration of the ACM/IDM OpenId provider to config/environment.js:

torii: {
  disableRedirectInitializer: true,
  providers: {
    'acmidm-oauth2': {
      apiKey: 'your-key',
      baseUrl: 'https://authenticatie-ti.vlaanderen.be/op/v1/auth',
      scope: 'openid rrn vo profile',
      redirectUri: 'https://loket.lblod.info/authorization/callback',
      logoutUrl: 'https://authenticatie-ti.vlaanderen.be/op/v1/logout',
      switchUrl: 'https://loket.lblod.info/switch-login' //optional

Add the acmidm-login-service in the backend to provide the necessary API endpoints.

Configure authentication with ember-simple-auth and put the {{acmidm-login}} and {{acmidm-logout}} components on the appropriate pages. They will handle authentication with ACM/IDM automatically.

Finally, overwrite the sessionInvalidated event handler of Ember Simple Auth's application-route-mixin:

import Route from '@ember/routing/route';
import ApplicationRouteMixin from 'ember-simple-auth/mixins/application-route-mixin';
import ENV from 'frontend-loket/config/environment';

export default Route.extend(ApplicationRouteMixin, {
  sessionInvalidated() {
    const logoutUrl = ENV['torii']['providers']['acmidm-oauth2']['logoutUrl'];

To support switching without doing a full logout, set the appriopriate switchUrl in the torii configuration, add a {{acmidm-switch}} component and set up a switch route. This route should trigger a login, for example:

import UnauthenticatedRouteMixin from 'ember-simple-auth/mixins/unauthenticated-route-mixin';
import Route from '@ember/routing/route';
import { inject as service } from '@ember/service';
export default Route.extend(UnauthenticatedRouteMixin, {
  session: service(),
  async model() {
    try {
      await this.session.authenticate('authenticator:torii', 'acmidm-oauth2');
    catch(e) {
      return 'Fout bij het aanmelden. Gelieve opnieuwe te proberen.';

Note that this url should be registered with acm/idm


See the Contributing guide for details.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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