Netlify builds, deploys and hosts your front-end straight from Github.


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Netlify CLI

The Netlify CLI tools lets you create, deploy, and delete new sites straight from your terminal.

Why does this fork exist?

This fork exists due to errors we are getting when using the normal client. Some times the permalink we get back doesn't actually work. This fork simply fetches that url a second time to ensure that we are logging the correct one.

It also adds the ability to set a WRITE_PERMALINK_TO_FILE environment variable to write the url to a file as well.

WRITE_PERMALINK_TO_FILE="permalink.txt" yarn netlify-patched -t $NETLIFY_TOKEN deploy --site-id $NETLIFY_SITE_ID_STAGING -p dist.zip


To install the CLI tools:

npm install netlify-cli -g


Deploy a front-end project that lives in my-project and builds to dist directory:

cd my-project/
netlify deploy dist

Configuration and Authentication

The first time you use the netlify cli command you'll be asked to authenticate.

Your access token is stored in ~/.netlify/config.

Netlify also stores a local .netlify file in the folder where you run netlify deploy from where the site_id is stored.


You can easily setup different environments like staging or production. Just use the -e flag:

netlify deploy dist -e production

Netlify creates different sites with each their own URL for each of your environments and keeps track of them in the .netlify config file.


  • netlify-cli is known to hang with an "ECONNRESET" error (parsed as JSON, it will look odd) when used from many CI environments. This is a known issue that is only fixed in our alternate and current CLI: https://github.com/netlify/netlifyctl

  • netlify-cli is known to hang when used with Node.js version 8.1.0. Version 8.1.2 works well

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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