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This lib parses Langion format in order to create smaller description about types and REST methods.


IntrospectorConfig<O extends string>

Key Type Comment
origins Array<Origin<O>> Array of services from Langion
getOriginFromModuleName (path: string) => O Path is a module path, i.e. com.app.myname.appname and the result of this function must be the origin name
adapters Adapter[] Array of adapters that will be used to parse Langion
share? SideOrigin<O> If this property is set, introspector will try to find equal types among origins and extract them in to separate origin

Origin<O extends string>

Key Type Comment
name O Name of the origin, for example in com.app.myname.appname name can be appname
getLangion () => Promise<langion.Langion> This function should return Promise with Langion JSON description

SideOrigin<O extends string>

Key Type Comment
origin O Origin that will be extracted as Shared
origin string Name of the origin

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