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Shared configuration for Semantic Release. Details: shared-config.

Available Configurations

Labshare repositories can use the following configurations:


Defined in index.js file, loaded by default when requiring @labshare/semantic-release-config. Used by both client-side and server-side projects, contains the standard release procedure for semantic-release.

Usage Instructions:

  • Install this module as devDependency: npm i @labshare/semantic-release-config --save-dev
  • Add to your semantic-release config file:
    "extends": "@labshare/semantic-release-config"

Angular Lib:

Defined in angular-lib.js file, specific for Angular Libraries. Loaded by default when requiring @labshare/semantic-release-config/angular-lib and adapted for the following requirements:

  • Angular Libraries are built with NgPackagr. During build step (npm run build:lib), NgPackagr will create a new folder for the bundled package (/dist, by default). This happens because:
    • Several bundle types will be compiled - FESM2015, FESM5, UMD, Minified UMD bundle, etc.
    • Package metadata will be altered - "main", "module", "es2015" and other fields will be created; npm scripts will be removed (security vulnerabilities)
    • Extra Dependencies might be necessary and will be added automatically.
    • Package Typings and Metadata will be generated by Ngc AOT and exported automatically.

In order for NgPackagr and Semantic-Release integrate correctly, some adjustments have been made necessary:

  • Npm released package should only contain the bundle inside /dist
  • Semantic-release plugin will automatically update package.json and package-lock.json versions to reflect updates on Git repository after a release. However, since the default folder is now /dist, this specific configuration has to update root package.json and package-lock.json files with customized scripts.

Usage Instructions:

In your Angular Library repository:

  • Install ngPackagr as devDependency and configure it

  • Make sure you have build:lib script configured to call ng-packagr in the repo to be built, as well as semantic-release script.

  • Install this module as devDependency: npm i @labshare/semantic-release-config --save-dev

  • Add to your semantic-release config file:

    "extends": "@labshare/semantic-release-config/angular-lib"
  • Setup your Travis.yml to call build and semantic-release scripts during release step. E.g.:

    - stage: release
      if: branch = master
      node_js: lts/*
        - npm run build:lib
        provider: script
        skip_cleanup: true
          - npm run semantic-release
  • Make sure you have configured Travis CI Environment Tokens for Semantic-Release correctly.
    • NPM_TOKEN owner should have publish permission on NPM groups.
    • GH_TOKEN owner should have push permission for the Git Repository.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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