React animated checkbox built with styled-components


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React checkbox created with styled-components

Here only a small descritpion is provided, if you want to check a more accurated documentation please checkout the (Demo)


While I was working on Muso I was looking for a nice, simple and possible animated checkbox but aftear hours of searching I couldn't find anything nice, so I decided to built it on my own.

This library provides an animated checkbox, in two different shapes(rounded, squared).

  • Currently the style can not be customised, but that it's at the top of my todo lis!*


npm save @krustyc/react-checkbox
yarn add @krustyc/react-checkbox


The library does not provide any behaviour on the state of the checkbox as I wanted to give back to the user the control on it. The easiest implementation would be something like the code below.

import React, { Component } from 'react'
import Checkbox from '@krustyc/react-checkbox'

export default class Form extends Component {
  state = {
    checked: false
  onChange = () => this.setState(prevState => ({ checked: !prevState.checked })
  render() {
    return (
      <Checkbox id="checkbox" onChange={this.onChange} checked={this.state.checked} />


Feel free to cnotribute if you want to improve it or solve an issue. Please always check linting (yarn lint) and test (yarn test) before pushing.

Submit a PR from a branch named fix/meaningful-name or feature/meaningful-name. Not from master. Please provide meaningful commit messages. If needed, squash commits before opening your PR.


  • Customisable style configruation (colors, sizes, etc...)
  • Add CircleCI
  • Add Tests


  • Davide Crestini



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