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plainview is a no frills HTML5 video player for HLS content.

It is designed to behave like a standard video/audio tag (Hence the name 'plain view').

It relies on the slugline library for consuming playlists and parsing their media segments. plainview isn't quite a polyfill, but if you squint it may resemble one.

Customizing plainview is incredibly easy. It provides a number of functions for controlling playback and a number of events to hook into. This lends itself to it being useful in a number of environments. If you just need a vanilla plugin, it will work. If you're using react, it will also work.

Here is a react component demonstrating how you can skin the player: ** COMING SOON **

Here is a vanilla example showing how plainview can play different types of HLS playlists: ** COMING SOON **


plainview uses tape, tap-spec browserify, babelify, and testling to run a suite of in browser tests.

tape, tap-spec, and babelify are the only libraries packaged as development dependencies. The other tools need to be available on the system.

To setup an environment for testing, run the following:

npm install
npm install browserify testling -g

After the above commands have successfully completed you can then run:

npm t

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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