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MS-Basement package


This package is the base for each microservice, which provides an interface for implementation by derived application. It powers up boundaries, handles startup and graceful shutdown, binds basic Node.js process event handlers.


This package is a part of Koyfin microservices generator and does not need explicit installation in general case, but it still can be used as a standalone application base:

npm install @koyfin/basement


New application is created by extending the Basement class and overriding constructor arguments, startSequence and stopSequence methods.

const Basement = require('@koyfin/ms-basement');
const settings = require('./settings');

const boundaries = {
  inbound: require('./boundaries/inbound'),
  outbound: require('./boundaries/outbound'),

module.exports = class App extends Basement {
   * @todo If necessary, implement custom logger
  constructor() {
    super({ settings, boundaries });

  async startSequence() {
    await this.boundaries.inbound.init();
    await this.boundaries.outbound.init();

  async stopSequence() {
    await this.boundaries.outbound.stop();
    await this.boundaries.inbound.stop();

After that, instantiate the application and call it's public start method:

// src/index.js
const App = require('./app');

const app = new App();


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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