Phaser Particle Editor Plugin


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Phaser Particle Editor Plugin

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This plugin creates particle effects based on JSON data generated by Phaser Particle Editor

Getting Started


Using script tag:

<script src="//cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@koreez/phaser-particle-editor-plugin/dist/plugin.min.js"></script>

Using npm:


$ npm i -g npm
$ npm i --save  @koreez/phaser-particle-editor-plugin


Import the plugin

var ParticleEditorPlugin = require("@koreez/phaser-particle-editor-plugin");
import ParticleEditorPlugin from "@koreez/phaser-particle-editor-plugin";

Load the plugin

You need to load the plugin in your game. This is done just like any other plugin in Phaser. So, to load the plugin, include it one of the Phaser States.


The plugin will patch your Phaser game with additional add / make methods so this plugin fits up in Phaser like any normal object.

Create particles

// x - any
// y - any
// data - should be already loaded JSON key or existing object based on Particle Editor data
// group - parent container
game.add.particleEffect(x, y, data, group);
// or
game.make.particleEffect(x, y, data);

News & Community

We have a forum so you can always be up to date with latest news!


Coming soon!

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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