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Well bundle should be your last almost zero-config assets bundler for modern frontend development. It supports stylus for styles and babel through webpack.


npm install -g @konekto/bundle


Just launch the globally installed cli bundle and it will look for a .bundlerc file in your project tree. Configure babel with your .babelrc and your good to go.


  "cwd": "./src" , //parent folder of the sources
  "destination": "./build" //destination folder, relative to working dir of bundle/index.js call
  "sources": ["**/*.jsx", "**/*.styl"], //source glogs to compile relative to cwd,
  "watch": true, //watch files,
  "loader": true, //activate auto component loader
  "sync": "http://localhost:8080", //page reload proxy with browsersync
  "log": true //activate logging

See bundle --help for equivalent counterparts cli arguments.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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