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Useful constants and utility functions that we share between Knoword projects


$ npm install @knoword/common


import {DIFFICULTIES, PARTS_OF_SPEECH} from '@knoword/common';

console.log(PARTS_OF_SPEECH); // ['noun', 'verb', 'adjective', 'adverb']

if (DIFFICULTIES.includes('easy')) {
  alert('It works!'); // It really does

Using variables

import {FONT_SIZE_LARGEST, GRAY_LIGHT} from '@knoword/common/variables';
import styled from 'styled-components';

const Heading = styled.h1`
  font-size: ${FONT_SIZE_LARGEST}px;
  color: ${GRAY_LIGHT};

Encoding/decoding words

On the server:

const {encode} = require('@knoword/common/encoder');

encode('apple'); // U=YXbGBw

On the client:

import {decode} from '@knoword/common/encoder';

decode('U=YXbGBw'); // apple

Evaluating a guess

import evaluateGuess from '@knoword/common/evaluateGuess';

const guess = 'apPle';
const solutions = ['U=YXbGBw'];
evaluateGuess(guess, solutions);
  match: 'apple',
  correctCount: 5,
  correctPercent: 1,
  incorrect: false,
  preparedSolution: 'apPle'

Answer utility functions

During a game, we will keep track of answers given by the user. We can determine a number of things based on these, including streaks, accuracy, points, and messaging. Each of the following functions take an array of booleans, representing the correct status of each answer and return something useful.

import {
} from '@knoword/common/answerUtils';

// Suppose our game state looked something like this:
const state = {
  answers: [
      id: 1,
      correct: true
      id: 2,
      correct: true
      id: 3,
      correct: false
      id: 4,
      correct: true

// Complex answer state must be coaxed into an array of booleans
const answers = state.answers.map(answer => answer.correct);

const currentStreak = getCurrentStreak(answers); // 1
const longestStreak = getLongestStreak(answers); // 2
const points = getPoints(answers); // 25
const accuracy = getAccuracy(answers); // 0.75
const message = getMessage(answers); // 'Great job'

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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