Shared components to be used throughout Kite front end apps.


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Kite Components

Shared Angular components, SCSS styles and SVGs to be used throughout Kite front end apps.

The app contains an example page where examples of the components can be seen.

Tables of contents


To view examples of the various versions of the app go to:


  • Node v8+
  • Npm 5+
  • Gulp v3


  • Clone the app

  • npm i install dependencies

  • npm start run development server and watch for file changes

  • npm run build:dist build dist versions of the app for each partner

  • npm t runs tests

  • npm run test:watch runs tests and watches for changes

  • npm run test:dist runs tests and produces code coverage



  • npm i @kite-tech/components --save: install via NPM
import {
} from '@kite-tech/components';


  • npm i @kite-tech/components --save: install via NPM

Include via SCSS

@import './node_modules/@kite-tech/components/styles/components/components.text';
@import './node_modules/@kite-tech/components/styles/components/components.title';
@import './node_modules/@kite-tech/components/styles/components/components.icons';
@import './node_modules/@kite-tech/components/styles/components/components.button';
@import './node_modules/@kite-tech/components/styles/components/components.modal';
@import './node_modules/@kite-tech/components/styles/components/components.loading-spinner';

Commit linting

We use the config-conventional setup to lint the commits. See details of this here:


When running npm publish, the prepublishOnly script will run. If the version contains text e.g 2.0.1-alpha.1, nothing will happen. However if the version doesn't have any tags, e.g 2.0.1 then the script will do the following:

  • Go to the gh-pages branch
  • Merge in the changes from the current branch
  • Build a dist version of the components in the folder /docs/{{version-number}}
  • Create a README.md file in the docs/{{version-number}} folder detailing the changelog and the previous version
  • Update the index.html of the docs directory with links to the new version
  • Push the changes to the gh-pages branch and switch back to the original branch.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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