A CLI tool for creating a kintone plugin!


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A CLI tool for creating a kintone plugin!


npx @kintone/create-plugin ${name}


npm install -g @kintone/create-plugin
create-kintone-plugin ${name}

You can configure your kintone plugin settings interactively.

npx @kintone/create-plugin hello-kintone-plugin
Please answer some questions to create your kintone plugin project :)
Let's start!

? Input your plugin name in English [1-64chars] hello-kintone-plugin
? Input your plugin description in English [1-200chars] hello-kintone-plugin
? Does your plugin support Japanese? Yes
? Input your plugin name in Japanese [1-64chars] (Optional)
? Input your plugin description in Japanese [1-200chars] (Optional)
? Does your plugin support Chinese? Yes
? Input your plugin name in Chinese [1-64chars] (Optional)
? Input your plugin description in Chinese [1-200chars] (Optional)
? Input your home page url for English (Optional)
? Input your home page url for Japanese (Optional)
? Input your home page url for Chinese (Optional)
? Does your plugin support mobile views? Yes
? Do you use @kintone/plugin-uploader? Yes
Success! Created hello-kintone-plugin at hello-kintone-plugin

npm start

  Start the process watching file changes and create a kintone plugin zip.
  And then, the plugin zip is uploaded automatically by @kintone/plugin-uploader.

npm run build

  Create a kintone plugin zip.

npm run lint

  Lint js files with ESLint.

Try the following commands
And then, please input your information for kintone account

  cd hello-kintone-plugin
  npm start

Enjoy Hacking kintone plugin!

After the command has been finished, you can start development kintone plugin!

cd hello-kintone-plugin
npm start


@kintone/create-plugin detects your language with os-locale. (default: English) If you want to use other languages, you can use --lang option. Currently, --lang option accepts ja or en.

npx @kintone/create-plugin hello-kintone-plugin --lang ja
kintoneプラグインのプロジェクトを作成するために、いくつかの質問に答えてください :)

? プラグインの英語名を入力してください [1-64文字] hello-kintone-plugin
? プラグインの説明を入力してください [1-200文字] hello-kintone-plugin
? 日本語をサポートしますか? Yes
? プラグインの日本語名を入力してください [1-64文字] (省略可)
? プラグインの日本語の説明を入力してください [1-200文字] (省略可)
? 中国語をサポートしますか? Yes
? プラグインの中国語名を入力してください [1-64文字] (省略可)
? プラグインの中国語の説明を入力してください [1-200文字] (省略可)
? プラグインの英語のWebサイトURLを入力してください (省略可)
? プラグインの日本語のWebサイトURLを入力してください (省略可)
? プラグインの中国語のWebサイトURLを入力してください (省略可)
? モバイルページをサポートしますか? Yes
? @kintone/plugin-uploaderを使いますか? Yes
Success! Created hello-kintone-plugin at hello-kintone-plugin

npm start


npm run build


npm run lint



  cd hello-kintone-plugin
  npm start

開発に関する情報はcybozu developer network:


Templates (Experimental)

create-plugin has a template option to choose a project structure. The default value is minimum, which is a boilerplate without any build processes like webpack.

create-plugin also has the modern template option as an experimental; This uses the following tools.

  • webpack
  • TypeScript
  • Prettier

The modern template also includes settings for React, so you can use React without any settings, which requires only installing the following packages.

npm install react react-dom
npm install --save-dev @types/react @types/react-dom # type definition for React and ReactDOM


MIT License

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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