Sass utility functions and mixins for the Kickoff framework


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Sass Functions and Mixins for the Kickoff framework

npm version


npm install @kickoff/utils.scss --save


yarn add @kickoff/utils.scss


With scss and the npm-sass or similar importer like eyeglass.

@import "kickoff-utils.scss" // with npm-sass
@import "kickoff-utils" // with eyeglass



Various color functions

// With a color palette map like this:
$color-palette: (
  white: (
    base: #ffffff

  sky: (
    lighter: #f9fafb,
    light: #f4f6f8,
    base: #dfe3e8,
    dark: #c4cdd5

// ko-color() function
a {
  color: ko-color(white); // picks the `base` value
  color: ko-color(sky, dark); // picks the `dark` variant
  color: ko-color(sky, lighter); // picks the `lighter` variant

// ko-color-tint() function
// Add percentage of white to a color
a {
  background-color: ko-color-tint(blue, 20%);

// ko-color-shade() function
// Add percentage of black to a color
a {
  background-color: ko-color-tint(red, 10%);


Retrieve value from sass map. Often used within the font-size mixin.

// map helper
ko-getValue(mid, $map) // uses a Sass map


Get breakpoint from $breakpoints map

ko-bp(m) // uses the $breakpoints Sass map


Get font-family from $font-family map

ko-font(system) // uses 'system' font stack
ko-font(sans) // uses the 'sans' font stack


Get font-size from $type map

ko-font-size(xl) // Kickoff uses t-shirt sizes
ko-font-size(large, $font-sizes) // Using a made-up $font-sizes map


Get z-index value from $z-index map

ko-zIndex(low) // uses 'low' z-index value
ko-zIndex(mid) // uses 'mid' z-index value


Retrieve value from deeply nested sass map

 $grid-configuration: (
   'columns': 12,
   'layouts': (
     'small': 800px,
     'medium': 1000px,
     'large': 1200px,

 div {
   font-size: ko-map-deep-get($grid-configuration, 'columns');
   width: ko-map-deep-get($grid-configuration, 'layouts', 'medium');


Multiply any value

ko-multiply(15, 2)
ko-multiply($baseline, 1.5)

// e.g.
a {
    margin-bottom: ko-multiply($baseline, 1.5);


Convert px em

For a relational value of 12px write ko-em(12) when the parent is 16px If the parent is another value say 24px write ko-em(12, 24)


font-size : ko-em(12);
font-size : ko-em(12, 24);


Strip units



Type size helper classes based on our $type map. See demo

// outputs type-size helpers based on the $type map
// e.g. .u-typeSize--m / .u-typeSize-l
@include ko-type-sizes();

// Using another $map as the 2nd argument would output the above
// as well as the .h1, .h2 values defined in the 2nd $map
@include ko-type-sizes($type, (h1: xxl, h2: xl));

// Using another $map as the 2nd argument would output the above
// as well as the .alpha, .beta values defined in the 2nd $map
@include ko-type-sizes($type, (alpha: xxl, beta: xl));


Responsive helper classes to show/hide content based on our $breakpoints map. See demo

@include ko-rwd-reveal();


Utility Mixins

  • clearfix: @include ko-clearfix;
  • Text truncation: @include ko-truncate(100%);
  • and a bunch more


Vertically center any element. Needs support for CSS tranforms.

@include vertical-center;


Hi-dpi media query mixin

@include ko-hidpi {


Provides consistent class naming through the usage of mixins

See https://gist.github.com/mrmartineau/0cd2010bf265d712bafb for usage


Position shortcut

@include ko-position(absolute, 10px 20px 30px 10px);


Responsive media-queries.

🚨 This is deprecated, we recommend the use of include-media for media-queries now.

// min-width
// Equivalent to: @media screen and (min-width: 20em) { ... }
@include ko-respond-min(mid) { ... }; // uses the $breakpoints sass-map
@include ko-respond-min(650) { ... }; // converts to px

// max-width
// Equivalent to: @media screen and (max-width: 20em) { ... }
@include ko-respond-min(large) { ... }; // uses the $breakpoints sass-map
@include ko-respond-min(460) { ... }; // converts to px

// min-max-width
// Equivalent to: @media screen and (min-width: 10em) and (max-width: 20em) { ... }
@include ko-respond-min-max(narrow, large) { ... }; // uses the $breakpoints sass-map
@include ko-respond-min-max(460, 900) { ... }; // converts to px


Dimension-based mixins

🚨 These mixins have been removed. They are not needed because we now use a PostCSS plugin (postcss-pxtorem) that converts px values to rem at the build stage

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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